Featured Artists & Artisans

Marguerite Wagner

Marguerite Wagner is inspired by the natural beauty of the wood and uses no stains to alter it in any way. 100% of wood used in these one of a kind pieces is reclaimed from […]

Colleen E. Monette

Colleen Monette combines one of the world’s oldest art forms dating back to 5th Century B.C. with textures and colors. These beautiful and unique works create a marriage of abstract and realism, history and environment, […]

Patti Bezzo


Patti Bezzo is inspired by trees, plants, soil, waves, terrain and natural light, all of which are displayed in her paintings of orchards and rivers along the Yakima, Methow and Columbia rivers in Eastern Washington. […]

Michael Reagan

Internationally acclaimed portrait artist, Michael Reagan, is best known through the Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation where he has donated over 10,000 portraits to families of fallen soldiers. In addition, he has donated over 2000 […]

Xavier Salazar


Xavier Salazar uses the beauty of the wood to inspire his creations, and prefers to keep the finish of the wood natural. He designs, builds and hand turns all of his pieces and they reflect […]

Finn Garaas


Finn Garaas, also known by many in Edmonds as “The Owl Man” has captured unique moments in our Edmonds Parks of animals and plant life. His photographs show an array of natural light, texture and […]

Kristin Lee Hager

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Kristin is inspired by color and loves the subtleties and nuances that can be achieved by blending them together and expressing form through them. Sometimes a form does not appear and the painting is just […]